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Paid Online Advertising

Keyword Heatmap Analysis

Here is a strategy I'm particularly fond of that I learned from a Bing whitepaper. The document goes into greater detail across multiple industries but the strategy works well for a visual thinker like myself. The idea is to take all the keywords in an ad group or campaign (depending on the account) to see which keyword combination have the best quality score. It answers the question "What combinations of words in the title and description get the highest Ad Quality ranking?"

Ad Quality

Here I quote from the whitepaper "Ad Quality is a calculation which factors in both the clickability (the likelihood of an ad being clicked, agnostic of position) of the ad and other indicators of ad quality. Ads with better ad quality not only have a better CTR, they get rewarded with better ad ranking and lower CPCs than other ads with lower ad quality."

Word Choice

It might not be feasible to list EVERY keyword so here are some ways to combine them.

  • Plurals, different tense and minor variations

  • Synonyms or same intent

  • Superlative such as "best" and "top"

  • Service words such as "ATM" or "services"

The Numbers

The easiest way is to export the keyword list with quality score and use the spreadsheet to average the value in the cell while adding conditional formatting to color the cells. In the example to the right an ad with Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) in the title and "information" in the body has high ad quality.


The Next Level

This simple report can be used with a variety of KPIs and elements. Keywords in sitelinks, number of conversions (if conversion tracking is enabled), Click Through Rate, Impressions, etc.

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