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Social Media Marketing

No matter the channel, make sure your post is either interesting, entertaining or useful.

The key to social media marketing is understanding the mindset of each channel's users. I might use Facebook to stay in touch with a friend or see what a brand that I like is doing but I wouldn't shop for a new car or look for a SaaS product there. Similarly, I would use Linkedin to research a company or participated in a business related group. Social media is a top of funnel marketing activity.

Facebook & Instagram

2.5 billion people use Facebook every month and Facebook lets you target demographic information like age, interests, geography. There is also an option to create a custom audience of people who have engaged with your business online or based on a customer list that you upload and even reach people who are similar to those people. However, it is important to understand that, on average, people don't go to Facebook to search for and solve a problem but to connect with the people and businesses they like. Keeping this in mind a soft-sell or branding campaign might be more effective than a "click here and buy now" approach. 


From conversation ads, message ads, and single image ads to job ads, dynamic ads, and video ads Linkedin has a full suite of ad and targeting options. The trick is finding a message that resonates with people who use Linkedin.  People who use Linkedin are interested in networking, connecting, job searching and staying current with business trends. The message of an ad should resonate with this type of mindset.


According to Pew Research Center - Internet & Technology "U.S. adult Twitter users are younger and more likely to be Democrats than the general public. Most users rarely tweet, but the most prolific 10% create 80% of tweets from adult U.S. users." What this means is that your messaging should appeal to a more liberal and educated audience.

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