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I am honored and humbled to have worked with some amazing people.

Rafael Buchalla - Marketing Manager

Scott's knowledge in marketing is spectacular and his ability to interact, face challenges and especially analyze figures and make decisions based on them is impressive. I consider him a first-class professional, not only working toward the success of the company but also for his co-workers as well.


I learned a lot from him in a short time and even while working in different countries and while we worked together as coworkers, I see him as an exceptionally good leader. I am very impressed with his ability to create campaigns, develop content and generate new business for the company based on the data and insights he uncovers. I would recommend Scott for any marketing position he applies to.


Bridget Barry - Marketing Manager

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Scott on a small but dynamic marketing team. I reported directly to Scott, and one of his biggest strengths as a manager is his ability to make you feel like a valued member of the team and not just a cog in the machine.

In addition to leadership skills is his initiative to start new projects and his ability to prioritize projects that will have the biggest impact on the team and the company overall. Scott took the time to teach me about the importance of gathering and reviewing analytics for our department.

He truly was one of the best bosses I have worked for and his interpersonal communication skills kept everyone on the team engaged. I would passionately recommend Scott for any marketing position he applied to and I know he would bring value to any team he joins.


Maud Renaudin - Head of International Partnerships


​I worked with Scott at Skeepers. During that time, I was responsible for Partnerships, and he really helped me (us) a lot working on a new approach and global strategy to get more partners and improve their onboarding. Scott is a great listener, a marketing expert, and always tries to meet your expectations and help you reach your objectives in the best way he can. I have no words to say how much I appreciated working alongside him.


Melissa Cato - Director of Marketing, PR & Advertising

Scott has a great eye for design and is always looking for new ways on improving the www. He has a great sense of humor and is a great guy to work with. Anyone should be proud to have him on his team!


Mary Zagrobelny - MVP Product Marketing

I was Scott's immediate supervisor, and found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. Scott is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He has successfully developed and executed pay-per-click, social media, email and organic marketing plans and measured those plans against established baselines and business rules. Scott would be a great asset to any team. I highly recommend Scott for employment.


Michelle Pinto - Director, Media Relations

Scott always managed to enhance our website and manage others with optimism and good humor. It was always a pleasure to work with him.

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